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NBS is a part of the Kingdom of God and a ministry of NELBA. Our mission is to make disciples of our students and glorify God. NBS trusts God to provide through tuition, donations and fundraisers.

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Some ways that people help are My Coke Rewards for Schools - Support NBS

  • Coke product codes
  • Box Tops for Education (link at page bottom)
  • Campbell’s Soup
  • Community Coffee (link at page bottom)
  • Tyson
  • Office Depotcampbells soup
  • Good Search (link at page bottom)
  • Ink and toner recycling
  • Monetary donation
  • Donations of equipment, materials and suppliesTyson A+ Program for NBS
  • Individual & group volunteers to help with projects and fundraiser.Office Depot Logo

Become a Friend of NBS

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